Bethlehem Code of Conduct


  • New Horizon College is an independent, non-racial, educational institution with Christian values.
  • No students are allowed inside the building during break, except for when it is raining and when weather conditions are not favourable.
  • Students must appreciate the human dignity of everyone involved with the College.
  • Students must respect and be loyal to their College, teachers, RCL members and fellow students.
  • Students will not be allowed to attend classes if their College fees have not been paid before the 1st day of each term. Learners will be suspended if school/hostel fees are outstanding.
  • Students must attend all classes as stipulated by the College calendar and the timetable.
  • College equipment, property and text books may not be damaged.
  • The following acts of misconduct, amongst others, are considered serious offences and learners will be punished / suspended / expelled:
    • Irregularities in tests or examination
    • Absenteeism
    • Possession of weapons, drugs or alcohol
    • Smoking
    • Littering
    • Stealing
    • Dishonesty
    • Threatening, fighting, intimidation and gambling
    • Vulgar language
    • Bullying, whether physical, emotional or by means of social media.
    • The parent and student will be required to sign and / or adhere to a detailed “Disciplinary Code”, “The Cell Phone & Cyber / Bullying Policy”, “School Violence Police” and such other Policies that may be implemented from time to time. Upon successful admission of a student to NHC, it shall be the exclusive esponsibility of the parent and student to familiarize themselves with the contents of all Codes and Policies of NHC, which documents will be made available upon request.
  • No jewellery, except watches – Girls only: sleepers/studs acceptable as earrings.
  • No dread-locks/lip gloss/tattoos/long nails or nail varnish is allowed.
  • Hair must be neat and tidy. Long hair must be fastened with navy/black/yellow (White Gr12’s) accessories. No bald heads for girls will be allowed in the classes.
  • Boys hair must be short and neat. No sideburns (”sidies”) will be allowed. Boys must be shaved at all time – no beards or moustaches.
  • Should a student be found guilty of a criminal offence, the result will be immediate suspension/expulsion.
  • No cell phones are allowed in the classes. (Possession will be at own risk and if confiscated, will only be returned to the student at the end of the academic year). The Cell Phone & Cyber/ Bullying Policy shall apply.
  • Participation in extramural activities is compulsory.
  • ZERO TOLERANCE: Students in possession of/or under the influence/smelling of alcohol, drugs etc. will be expelled with immediate effect.
  • Refer to page 15 for full uniform rules.


  • The above rules are applicable under all circumstances while the student is enrolled at this College. This includes field trips, excursions, tours, etc.
  • Students are ambassadors of the College at all times and should act accordingly.
  • The medium of instruction and general communication is English.
  • Parents/ guardians of students will be held responsible for any damages or breakage of College property as a result of the student’s irresponsibility i.e. fire, window breakage, etc.
  • All parents are expected to attend Parent’s Day.
  • All parents automatically become members of the School Governing Body upon enrolling their child.