Bethlehem Boarding Fees


                                                    Bethlehem Boarding Fees 2019


 GRADE 1 -7GRADE 8 - 11GRADE 12
New StudentCurrent StudentNew StudentCurrent StudentCurrent Student
Registration Fee500,00500,00
Hostel Fee for Term 17850,007850,008075,008075,009870,00
Maintenance Fee400,00400,00400,00400,00400,00
Laundry Fee1500,001500,001500,001500,001830,00
Hostel Fee for Term 27850,007850,008075,008075,009870,00
Laundry fee1500,001500,001500,001500,001500,00
Hostel Fee for Term 37850,007850,008075,008075,009870,00
Laundry Fee1500,001500,001500,001500,001830,00
Hostel Fee for Term 45490,005490,005385,005385,00
Laundry Fee1000,001000,001000,001000,00
TOTAL PER YEAR35440,0034940,0036010,0035510,0035500,00

MAINTENANCE FEE – R310.00 per student per year for unforseen damages caused / maintenance.
LAUNDRY FEE – Compulsary for all hostel students


  • The College will provide: Bed/Mattress/Locker
  • Students must provide: Pillow/Linen/Blankets/Towels/Toiletries/Lock for Locker


Boys & Girls – 078 130 1497

1. A student who registers with Little New Horizon Pre-School and furthers his/her
primary education at New Horizon College need not to pay the registration fee again.
2. Fees for primary/secondary students must be paid in advance before the term starts.
3. The media fee includes the use of computers, internet, e-mails and all material in the
Media Centre.
4. Hostel fees are applicable to the number of school days. Any extra day will be
charged additionally.
5. An increase in food prices will result in an increase in hostel fees.
6. If learners leave the college/hostel and they were RCL members, all costs incurred for
training/camps must be paid in full by the parents/guardians.
7. The laundry fee is compulsory for the full year.
8. When making payment, please be advised that any amount paid will first be allocated
to additional fees, hostel fees and then to school fees.
9. Notice of 30 (full calendar month’s notice) days must be given if a student wishes
to leave the College/hostel failure to do so will result in an extra month’s fee.
10. Fees should be paid in advance before the 1st day of each term.
11. A 5% discount will be granted for school fees paid in full before 31 January 2017.
12. Interest will be charged on accounts that are overdue.
13. Should it become necessary, children will be requested to go and collect any
outstanding fees. Please ensure all fees are paid up to date to avoid this.
14. Learners will be suspended if school/hostel fees are outstanding.
15. All additional fees must be paid in full registration.
16. Credit on accounts will only be allowed to those learners who’s accounts are paid to
17. No learner is allowed to attend any excursions/tours if college/hostel fees are not paid
up to date.
18. No newsletter, college magazine, photos or any informative documentation will
be given to a student unless his/her College fees are paid up-to-date.
19. Students from foreign countries, e.g. Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland and other African
countries should submit a valid study permit before they will be allowed to further their
studies at the College. The College will not accept liability for penalties incurred by
students whose study permits are not in order.
20. Matric Farewell arrangements will be announced during June 2017.
21. D6 Communicator – compulsory for all parents.
22. Students will not be allowed to attend classes if their College fees have not been
paid before the 1st day of each term. Learners will be suspended if school/hostel fees
are outstanding.

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Acc: 62577834156
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