New Horizon College is an institution with an excellent academic tract record since its existence. Together with the Department of Education and the community of Harrismith, Bethlehem, Phuthaditjhaba and surroundings areas, we have been able to achieve and maintain success.

Our aim is to ensure that our learners develop academically and grow from strength to strength. New Horizon College is a school of excellence, commitment and dedication. We work with a great team of professional teachers who specialize in each subject and grade, who are caring, trustworthy and humble.

New Horizon College invest in each learner and plants the seed of success and education in all learners to be proud citizens for a lifetime. We are a Christian based institution with a morale of excellences, honour and optimism to every learner we encounter in our path of destiny.

For the past 25 years we strive to encourage a sense of mutual trust and respect with every learner or parent. Our students’ destiny and academic success is vital to us. Our purpose at New Horizon College is to guide and make our students comfortable in their environment, in order for them to reach for their individual goals. Our students are our first priority.

New Horizon College has well over 2300 learners on 4 campuses. We are proud of our learners not only on their academic performance but also on the sport fields and in cultural activities. The results at the back of the prospectus is proof in itself.

This was a great year where we visited Cape Town. The learners went to Robben Island, Table Mountain and many other tourist areas.

Not only do we visit universities for their open days, we have our own Open Day for learners and parents to come and see for themselves what we offer at New Horizon College.

At New Horizon College every student is empowered to be a leader, with the excellent learning opportunities beyond any reasonable doubt. Thus the impact the students make in this world is inspirational.

We have a vast choice of subjects which will meet the needs of individuals, thus providing the best educational opportunities. Our collaboration with students is priority in order to achieve success as we inspire, motivate and encourage each learner beyond the educational field.

New Horizon College provides limitless opportunities to nurture the individuals’ goals and desires in many extra mural activities, so students can develop beyond their individual imagination.

We maintain a conducive academic and behavioural platform. New Horizon College Harrismith obtained 100% matric results since 2008. We are also proud to announce that Bethlehem had their first matric class in 2018 and also obtained a 100% matric pass rate.

Our pass rates speaks for themselves:

2018      – 100% Pass rate (96.3% eligible for tertiary education)

2017      – 100% Pass rate (1 learner in the top ten of Accounting in Free State)

2016   – 100% Pass rate (All subject)

2015   – 99.1% Pass rate (80.4 % bachelor passes)

2014   – 100% Pass rate (67 bachelor passes an 98%

eligible for tertiary passes)

2013       – 100% Pass rate (98 learners with bachelor passes)

2012  – 100% Pass rate (2 learners in the Top 100) 2011  – 100% Pass rate (2 learners in the Top 100) 2010  – 100% Pass rate (3 learners in the Top 100) 2009  – 100% Pass rate (1 learner in the Top 100 & best learner in the Free State for  IsiZulu)

2008   – 100 % Pass rate (5 learners in the Top 100)

The management would like to thank our staff, students, parents and the Department of Free State for their dedication to New Horizon College. We will strive to serve the community at large by providing educational opportunities, and only then do we achieve our goals as an academic institutional as we are helping build the future leaders of South Africa.