Is New Horizon the perfect school? Is this the school where all children from surrounding areas and even other provinces wish to go? The answers to these questions cannot be given as a clear “yes” or ‘no”. Rather than answering these questions, we should look at what New Horizon College can offer to current and prospective students. Those who have attended in the past 26 years, speak of the high standard in education, as well as the well – balanced individuals we supply to the country.

Yes, we are well known for our level of discipline, and we are often asked, “How do you do it?” Well, placing a high premium on our values and insisting that our students maintain very high standards, is the beginning of this success story. Our core values

include Discipline, Respect, Accountability, Passion, Confidence, Success, Moral Values, Commitment, Perseverance, Strength and Courage.

If a student is prepared to live by these core values, he or she will be a model student, highly ranked by staff, fellow students and the community.

So, what happens should a student not reach these high standards? Although we have

a policy of zero tolerance, we are always prepared to listen. We consider every case on merit, but should we no longer see our way open to walk the walk with an individual, then our ways will part. We do sometimes insist

on the “letter of the law”, so to speak. This is done to protect our image, our staff, learners and property, especially when considering our younger learners!

We welcomed various students and staff as “newcomers” to our establishment in January 2020. To be honest, some of them are no

longer here! Reasons why people depart vary widely, but in the case of students it is often a forced situation brought about by financial changes within the family. Sometimes, we unfortunately have to terminate our contract and commitment with an individual due

to reasons beyond our control. These are often linked to bad behaviour and repetitive infringements of the code of conduct.

A word of thanks to the Department of Education for assistance and guidance during the Covid 19 pandemic.

As situations change, we were also forced to adapt drastically due to Covid 19, which hit us in March, 2020. For us it meant a tremendous financial burden as well as the prospect

of losing many students due to the loss of income of such parents. We are extremely honoured to have a majority parent body who understood our situation, who understood the importance of the academic year for

their children, as well as the commitment they have made via contractual agreement with the school. Today we can look back and say, yes, we have lost some students. Yes, we have lost some parents and had to make new arrangements to balance our budget.

Presently we are still not sure what the final verdict will be regarding the impact of Covid

-19 on our finances for the year. We are however blessed with paying parents, with supportive families and dedicated teachers to pull us through. Most of all, we are grateful that we have not lost a single life amongst staff and students, although several of us were infected by the virus. Our thoughts and prayers are with those families who have indeed lost a loved one – in many cases the very pinnacle of financial survival for them!