Dear Parents 05/05/2020

Dear Parents

We trust that this letter finds you well and in good health.

Following on the announcement made by the Minister of Education, we would like to update you on the situation at New Horizon College.

  1. A HUGE thank you to those parents who have, amidst difficult times, made a real effort to pay school fees – You are keeping the ship afloat!
  2. We would also like to applaud our staff members who are still working hard to prepare work, send corrections, etc. on Whatsapp groups to our students, enabling them not only to be kept busy constructively, but also affording them the opportunity to keep up with the current planning on the academic front.
  3. We have noted that large amounts of College fees (School fee, Hostel fee and Additional fee) are still outstanding. We understand the situation that many parents find themselves in, but we have to, like the minister had done, request you to pay outstanding fees – even if you cover a partial amount – as it will ensure that once your child returns to school, you are not that far behind.
  4. Outstanding fees for Term 1 was payable last term, and thus these fees cannot be negotiated – we have to get the money in!
  5. Within this week our management team will get together to properly plan the sanitizing of all facilities on our premises, the phasing in of specific grades towards June, etc. We can assure you that the health and safety of the children, the staff and the community at large, is our priority, and as the minister stated, saving the school year is also very high on the agenda.
  6. Some parents have enquired about the fees that are still required by the College. Remember, when we return, there will be a catch up plan – in essence, we will still have 200 school days (for most grades) and you will not end up paying for days that fall short of 200. If we take into consideration the fact that teachers are currently engaging with children via social media, we can argue that no work is left out – it is only contact time that we compromise on. Teachers will still have to mark the work that your child is doing (if they are not doing so already!) At the end of the day, you are still receiving the full package!
  7. During our Executive meeting it was decided that, once we are back at school and can properly assess the remainder of the year, we WILL consider discounts and relaxation in payment of fees, however, this will only be done for those of us who have acted in good faith, and made a concerted effort to keep up with fees. Such discounts will be calculated from Sports & Culture and College fees as well as the amount of days that were lost (once the Department make available their plan for the rest of the year).

Keep in mind that the school, although being closed at the moment, still have expenses that need to be made monthly. These include Salaries of teachers, hostel staff, cleaners, insurance premiums, vehicles, hiring of Photocopy equipment, Software programmes, etc, etc.  We thus, taking into account the fact that the majority of our parents are indeed government employees, and a number of others are receiving child grants to assist with fees, urge parents to pay the full outstanding amount for Term 1, Pay the April Fee, and at least 50% of the May fee. In cases where you have no income presently, we ask that you pay what you can.

  1. We trust that you will support us in this venture with the same amount of enthusiasm that staff and learners are taking on the challenge. Together we will get through this!
  2. To further assist us in our planning, we require parents / students to PLEASE answer some important questions regarding the possibility of continued e-learning, should the situation not change for the better towards 1 June and beyond.
  3. Lastly, we request parents and learners to notify friends and family who are not on any Whatsapp groups, to notify us via the Register Teachers or the Principals, as we need to add such learners to the groups, avoiding any learner being left behind. We have now noticed again, HOW IMPORTANT it is for parents to be on the D6 – School Communicator!


Please complete the questionnaire by typing the number of the question followed by your response and sending it to the Register Teacher / Whatsapp group that you belong to by Wednesday Morning 09:00 (6 May 2020) PLEASE DO THIS FOR EACH AND EVERY CHILD in your household whom attends New Horizon College.

  1. Surname and Name of Learner
  2. Grade and class of the learners (example – 3 A, 10 D)
  3. Is this your only child attending NHC?
  4. If you answered YES for Question 3, Please supply details (Student Number, Surname, name and Grade of the other learner/s)
  5. Does your child have Access to an internet device (e.g. laptop, PC, tablet, smart phone, etc) at home?
  6. What type of device/s is/are available to the child? (Please name al the devices.)
  7. Does the child have to share the device with another learner?
  8. Does your child have Internet Access during the day?
  9. If you answered “yes” for Question 7, is it LIMITED or UNLIMITED.
  10. For future communication Please supply us with an e-mail address of at least ONE parent/guardian of the family.


Thank You!

PRINCIPALS                 H Madlala –     0834773631                         P. Pekeshe – 0722331120

  1. Maree – 0833247115 S. Mather – 0768816658                L. Hayes – 0842383456