The Headmaster’s report at the 2017 Prize Giving Ceremony.



I warmly welcome the Directors and founders of New Horizon College – Bethlehem Mr and Mrs Eyberg, our guest of honour, representatives of the Department of Basic Education, the reverend, parents, teachers, learners and all of you here present at this 4th Prize-Giving ceremony. We are gathered to celebrate the successes achieved by our learners across the curriculum. The fact that you came from far and wide, in large numbers is a clear indication that the welfare of our college and your children is dear to your hearts.


It is barely a year since I have joined New Horizon College Bethlehem, a branch of an institution that has rich traditions stretching 23 years back. I am happy to say I have embraced the distinctive character of New Horizon College with its mantra ‘’Astra Ascantia’’ simply translated as “Reach for the stars”


Our school has classes from Grade 1 to Grade 11 with a total enrolment of 618. The total number of teachers who guide them through their various disciplines is 29. We have a pre-primary school admitting learner 18months to 6 years. The school will be introducing and presenting its first matric class in 2018 and have committed to achieving a 100% pass. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not a statement of arrogance but a clear understanding on our part of how important we regard the success of your children.


While we regard our academic achievement as our first priority, we are indeed proud to announce that learners performed exceptionally well in sport and cultural activities. This will be evident in the awards that will be conferred in this category.


Our greatest challenge is the overstretched school facilities. We are however, elated to indicate that we will overcome this challenge in the not so far future. Our director has embarked on a massive project, the construction of a facility that will boast of a primary and a high school, two school halls, an administrative building, a hostel, cafeteria and various sport fields. Work is at an advanced stage such that we will move to these premises at the beginning of the new academic year. Details of the “groot trek” will be communicated to parents and the community in due course.


I will be failing in my duties if I cannot thank parents who send disciplined learners to our school. They ensure that children come to school every school day and during extra classes in proper school uniform, with full tummies and homework completed. I refer to learners who are not disruptive in class and do not deny other learners an opportunity to learn. These learners are a joy to teach.

Finally, I wish to remind ourselves again that we are gathered to celebrate the achievements of our teachers and our learners. I wish to congratulate all the prize winners tonight for a job well done.


I thank you.